Tanzanite Gemstone | 3.08ct | Square Cushion


Here is a gemmy bluish Violet Tanzanite. It would look wonderful in a custom ring or necklace. Tanzanite is a rare stone and is only found in the East African country of Tanzania. -Enjoy!

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◊ Tanzanite Gemstone
◊ Carat Weight: 3.08ct
◊ Cut: Square Cushion Shape
◊ Color: bluish Violet
◊ Clarity: Eye-Clean
◊ Measurement: 8.88×8.89×5.37mm
◊ Treatment: Heat
◊ Locality: Tanzania
◊ Birthstone: December
◊ Stock No. 21090

◊◊ Photo Lighting: 5600k LED Daylight Bulbs

Due to the camera’s macro lens the surface blemishes (facet wear & micro chips) are more noticeable in the photographs than in person. This is because the camera’s lens acts like a microscope and magnifies the gemstone and blemishes. There are few facet junction micro abrasions. They are not noticeable without magnification and do not detract from the gems beauty and desirability. See photos for details.

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