Pink Tourmaline Gemstone | 1.93ct | Emerald Cut


Here is a beautiful winsome pink to peach color Congo tourmaline. The gemstone is emerald shape and weighs 1.93ct. At roughly 8x6mm, it is a great size for a ring or delicate necklace drop.

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◊ Tourmaline Gemstone
◊ Carat Weight: 1.93ct
◊ Cut: Emerald Shape
◊ Color: Winsome Pink to Peach
◊ Clarity: Eye-Clean
◊ Measurement: 8.00×5.91×4.92mm
◊ Treatment: None
◊ Locality: Congo Basin, Africa
◊ Birthstone: October
◊ Stock No. 21101

◊◊ Photo Lighting: 5600k LED Daylight Bulbs

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