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Tourmaline Gemstone | 3.22ct | Cushion Shape

Available Gemstones | Afghani Tourmaline

We have received some fine Afghanistan tourmaline from our suppliers. We hope to keep a selection of these great gems in stock while their supplies last... Click on the photos to view the tourmaline listings Tourmaline Gemstone | 4.06ct | Emerald Shape Here is a lovely bicolor tourmaline! The hue transitions from blue to green as you look down the gem.- Measurement: 21.95x4.80x3.85mm Tourmaline Gemstone | 2.04ct | Flamingo Pink Here is a stunning flamingo pink tourmaline! The gem's high quality and size…

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Pantone has named Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938) the color of the year of 2022, a dynamic periwinkle blue color with an undertone of a violet-red

Very Peri | 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year 2022, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red. Learn more: — PANTONE (@pantone) December 9, 2021 Here is a top quality fantasy cut amethyst. The gem would make a beautiful center stone in a necklace or pendant. Here is a beautiful pair of oval fantasy cut Amethyst gemstones. The match set of…

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Available Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Red Garnet, Green Tourmaline

Available Loose Gemstones

2.31ct Oval Shape Golden Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 1.12ct Oval Shape Pastel Blue Sapphire Gemstone 8.19ct Emerald Cut Red Garnet Natural Gemstone 2.05ct Emerald Shape Green Tourmaline Loose Gem

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Beautiful Aquamarine from Madagascar, 2.82ct Oval Cut Loose Gemstone

March Birthstone Aquamarine

Aquamarine’s cool blue hues are reflected in its name, which comes from the Latin for “sea water.” Medieval sages prescribed water touched by aquamarine for a host of ills, including those affecting the eyes and lungs. They promised the virtues of insight and foresight to the gem’s wearers. Natural Gemstones for Custom Jewelers Aquamarine crystals can grow to huge sizes, and are usually blessed with excellent clarity. Gem body-colors range from greenish blue to blue-green in light tones. Gorgeous Aquamarine from Madagascar Like…

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Pantone Classic Blue 2020 Color of the Year

2020 Pantone Color of the Year

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Here is a nice twilight blue Sapphire. It is a great choice for a sapphire engagement ring or custom piece of jewelry. The color of Pantone's classic blue can be found in our beautiful sapphires. Sapphire gemstones are hard and tough, and can be used in any type…

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